Research Articles

Research Article TopicsAuthorYear of publicationJournal 
1. Experimental Study on the Thermal Performance of a Battery Thermal Management System using Heat Pipes at High Heat LoadMbulu, H.,
Laoonual, Y.,
Wongwises, S.
2021Case Studies in Thermal Engineering
2. A Review of Safety Strategies of a Li-ion Battery Chombo, V. P, 
Laoonual. Y
2020Journal of Power Sources
3. Design and Optimization of Electric Bus Monocoque Structure Consisting of Composite Materials, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical EngineersKunakorn-ong, P.,
Ruangjirakit, K., 
Jongpradist, P., 
Aimmanee, S., 
Laoonual, Y.
2020Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science
4.Thermodynamic and Economic Analyses of Power Generation from Gas Turbine ExhaustKittijungjit, T.,
Lapchit, P.,
Klamrassamee, T.,
Sukjai, Y., 
Laoonual, Y.
2020TSME International Conference on Mechanical Engineering
5. Modeling of Chemical Processes using Commercial and Open-Source Software: A Comparison between Aspen Plus and DWSIMTangsriwong, K.,
Lapchit, P.,
Kittijungjit, T.,
Klamrassamee, T.,
Sukjai, Y., 
Laoonual, Y.
2020International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Green Technology 2019 (SEGT)
6. Investigation of the Thermal Hazard of Faulty Li-ion Battery under External HeatingChombo, P.V,
2020International Conference and Utilities Exhibition on Energy, Environment and Climate Change (ICUE)
7. An Evaluation of Electric Bus Energy Consumption in Bangkok Traffic ConditionsRuangjirakit, K.,
Laoonual, Y.,
Tangamchit, P.,
Lim, O. 
2019Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS32), Lyon
8. Design of Lightweight Electric Bus in Thailand using Composite MaterialsRuangjirakit, K.,
Kunakorn-ong, P.,
Jongpradist, P.,
Aimmanee, S.,
Laoonual, Y.
2019Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS32)
9. A Study of Grid-to-Wheel Energy Consumption of Electric Vehicle on Real Road Tests in BangkokRuangjirakit, K.,
Laoonual, Y.,
Kiattikomol, V.,
Sridan, S.
2018IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference and Expo
10. Comparative Study of Hybrid Electric Vehicle and Conventional Vehicle under New European Driving Cycle and Bangkok Driving CycleCharadsuksawat,A.,
Laoonual, Y.,
Chollacoop, N.
2018IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference and Expo
11. A Simplified Approach for Heat Generation Due to Entropy Change in Cylindrical LCO BatteryChanthevee, P.,
Hirai, S.,
Lailuck, V.,
Laoonual, Y.,
Sriam P.,
Rompho, S.,
Chanurai, N.,
Masomtob, M. 
2018IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference and Expo
12. Simplified analytical model for adhesive-bonded tubular joints with isotropic and composite adherends subjected to tensionAimmanee, S.,
Hongpimolmas, P.,
Ruangjirakit, K.
2018International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives
13. Experimental Investigation of Electrospray Coating Technique for Electrode Fabrication in PEMFCsChingthamai, N.,
Laoonual, Y.
2017Energy Procedia
14. Investigation of vehicle fuel economy between a hybrid electric vehicle and conventional vehicle under various bangkok driving cycle conditionsCharadsuksawat, A.,
Laoonual, Y.,
Chollacoop, N.
2016FISITA 2016 World Automotive Congress – Proceedings
15. Effects of an alkali-acid purification process on the characteristics of eucalyptus lignin fractionated from a MIBK-based organosolv processKlamrassamee, T., 
Tana, T., 
Laosiripojana, N., 
Moghaddam, L.
Zhang, Z.
Rencoret, J.
Gutierrez, A.
Del Rio, J.C., 
Doherty, W.O.S.
16. Effect of glycerol ethoxylate as an ignition improver on injection and combustion characteristics of hydrous ethanol under CI engine conditionMunsin, R., 
Laoonual, Y., 
Jugjai, S., 
Matsuki, M., 
Kosaka, H.
2015Bioresource Technology